About the Authors

In the beginning, there was an Accidental Mystic who felt called to share publicly some of her reflections on the mysteries of faith, but there was a little problem. She had no formal study of theology since converting to Catholicism as a young adult, and was concerned with lacking credibility—or  even accidentally veering into heterodoxy—because of this. After leaving the idea on the shelf for several months, she was inspired to complete the exercise of Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, which seemed unrelated at the time.

Mary, Mother of God and spouse of the Holy Spirit, provided the key element to make this blog possible on the evening the Consecration was completed. A mere Facebook acquaintance—who happens to be a bona fide Catholic academic with a PhD in theology and a deep commitment to merciful orthodoxy—was inspired to reach out by private message. We soon discovered that we had entered the Catholic Church on the very same night, less than 10 miles apart, though we now live 500 miles apart and would not meet even virtually until almost 19 years later to discover a remarkable confluence of spirituality. 

After some months of theological discussions in public and private Facebook forums, we decided to launch this blog together. We are felicitous partners in this mission: the Accidental Mystic looks to the Poetic Pedagogue’s academic superiority for his editorial review, sage suggestions, and make-shift “imprimatur,” while he looks to her experience as an erstwhile professional advocate to gauge the accessibility and persuasiveness of his erudition.

Together let us proclaim the mystery of faith!